23 September 2011

Chanel Une Promenade | Part 1

When I heard Harrods were dedicating the majority of their stores windows to Chanel I felt I could not miss the opportunity to go and take a look. Unfortunately, the store is very strict and would not allow any photography inside the store, however, you get an idea of what 'Une Promenade' is all about. This is the first time Harrods has allowed one brand to monopolise its window displays and it did not disappoint. Each window was decked out with taxidermy, vintage furniture, pebbles, jewels, dresses, handbags and my favourite, paper camellias on a light box base.
Inside the store, part of the ground floor was converted to showcase a range of exclusive hand bags with price tags around the £10,000 mark. As a quirky touch Harrods iconic green PVC shopping bag had been given a Chanel over as well as a re-styled Harrods bear in Chanel NATCH and the most fabulous Coco Chanel style dolls (please see the continuation of the post for photos) . Unfortunately, none of these items were for sale.

All photos by: Styleesa

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