22 October 2012

Maison Chanel Rue Cambon, Paris

Whilst in Paris I stayed at the Hotel Castille and it was no coincidence that I chose this hotel as it is located directly next door to Maison Chanel on Rue Cambon.

The flagship Chanel store is located right next door to Coco Chanel's apartment which I would  loved to have visited, unfortunately this was not possible for a mere mortal like me... oh well, a girl can dream.

Chanel Rue Cambon

Chic, Chanel marble door step

Chanel window display

oh, yes please

Chanel window display

Maison Chanel

Chanel parking sign, very chic.

Maison Chanel

Welcome to Rue Cambon, Paris
Images: Styleesa

19 October 2012

Lust Have | Maison Michel Fall 2012

This season top of my wish list is a Maison Michel trilby but I am still yet to decide which one to buy, however, I am swaying towards the 'Fara'. I have been lusting after one of these stylish headpieces for seasons and feel now is the right time to invest. These hats are ultra stylish and cool but what would one expect when Laetitia Crahay is the brands Artistic Director as well as Head of Accessories & Jewelry for Chanel, who also owns the Maison Michel brand.


Navy Rabbit Felt

Chic monochrome hat boxes

4 October 2012

French Pharmacy Beauty Buys

When in France a must visit is the French pharmacy. If you look at the skin of any French lady you will know exactly why. Yes, they may well have an expensive skin Doctor on speed dial but their daily skincare staples come from a Pharmacy that can be found on most street corners.

Now, French Pharmacies do look quite clinical but that is because the products they sell really do work, you wont find junk food or novelty items in these places, oh no, just fabulous products that promise what they say on the tube.

Here is a rundown of the best products that I use personally and I swear by.

Biafine  |  This huge tube of cream is amazing for all kinds of burns especially sunburn. I always take a tube on holiday with me as I do have a tendency to burn even though I apply factor 50 every hour. This cream is also used after cosmetic surgery and laser skin procedures by the top skin doctors to speed up the healing process.

La Roche - Posay Effaclar A.I  |  I have used this cream for 5 years now, it is amazing for pimples and blemishes, apply when you see the first signs of spot appearing and this cream will stop it in its tracks.....amazing!!

Klorane Dry Shampoo  |  A favourite of Gwyneth Paltrow, this dry shampoo contains oat milk so it doesn't dry out your hair. Perfect for refreshing your hair between washes to give your hair that 'just got out of bed' finish.

Avibon   |   Another favourite of GP and every beauty editor on the planet. Avibon is vitamin A in a tube so is it perfect for fine lines, scarring and blemishes. Avibon is also moisturising thanks to the added lanolin and if used every night (too greasy for the day) you will see an improvement in your skin in 2 weeks. This is a bargain at only 8 Euros a tube so make sure you stock up next time you or a friend visit France.

Bioderma Crealine TS H20  |  Hypoallergenic and no perfume, this cleanser is perfect for those of us with sensitive skin. This product removes the toughest makeup and eye makeup in one sweep, that is why makeup artists and models swear by it, as do I.

Botot Toothpaste  |  Pretty tube that looks great on your bathroom shelf and a great taste of aniseed which makes a welcome change to mint. Botot also does a great job of keeping your teeth pearly white and clean. This is an Italian product but is widely available in France.

Botot Mouthwash  |  Vintage style glass bottle with mouthwash the colour of red wine, this concentrated mouthwash like the toothpaste has the fresh taste of aniseed for a tasty post brush rinse.

Some of these products you can buy online but you will pay a premium for them, the best thing you can do is find someone who will be visiting France or even better, this is a great excuse to book those tickets for yourself.

Image: Styleesa

3 October 2012

Catwalk to Closet | Givenchy Fold Over Boots

I admit when I first saw these boots on Kim Kardashian I could not believe how ugly they were, in fact she may have put me off these boots for life....she is like a fashion wrecking ball, if she wears it, I won't be...with the exception of the Birkin bag.

However, after seeing them in the flesh in Excelsior, Milan and various street style shots (these show you how they should be worn KK) I have fallen in love with them. If like me you cannot bring yourself to part with £1,300.00 for a high fashion, one season wonder then our high street saviour Zara has come to the rescue with a more wearable version for £89.99....bargain. I predict these will be a sell out for Fall/Winter.

Givenchy £1300 at Degli Effetti

£1300 at Netaporter.com

£1300 at Netaporter.com

Zara £89.99

Zara £89.99

and the street style shots that made me fall in love with them.