14 May 2012

Style Crush: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was one of my first style icons. At age 16 I would dissect images of her in Vogue magazine and want to emulate her style albeit on a tight high street budget back then. Carolyn was beautiful, chic, stylish and a poster girl for 90's minimalist luxury fashion favouring Prada and Calvin Klein for whom she worked as a publicist for the brand. She made the simple white shirt look feminine, the beanie hat stylish and cargo pants chic. She was never overdone, favouring simple luxe basics such as camel coats, cashmere sweaters, and dark blue denims with her trusted Hermes Birkin.  If she had been alive today I am sure the Internet would be awash with images of her still looking as stylish as she was back then. Below are some of her outfits that were captured on camera.

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  1. LOVE CBK!!!!!
    Her style was timeless!!!!!!