2 October 2012

Parisian Interior Details

Well, here they are in all their glory. My fabulous vase which stands and impressive 45cm high, you do need a fair few roses to fill it to capacity, but that is not difficult as I love flowers....I feel my home is never complete without them.

And last but not least my butterflies. I don't have a home for these yet but they will be kept safe until I find a suitable location for them.

Vase from Dani Roses at the Hotel Costes

Framed Butterflies from Deyrolle
Images: Styleesa

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  1. Hi Lisa, thank you for your comment, It took me hours to do this post and I lost it all on ipad this morning, I was not a happy bunny! Luckily I had remembered most of the content
    The butterflies are beautiful, I love the blue one. Check out ButterflyUtopia.com, you can have them framed in perspex boxes. On my wish list for next year....